There’s really nothing small about small business


The feisty little Billings (nothing small about Montana) Gazette turns a common phrase on its ear (small business, ha!) with some sound statistics and good sense.

“There’s nothing small about small business”.

To wit:

  • According to the Small Business Administration, 54% of all sales happen through enterprises classified as “small business,” and
  • 55% of all people employed have a job through a small business.

Considering the relative importance of “small” business, we should all think about Small Business Saturday – every weekend.

~ Norris Lozano, BusinessUS, Small Business Loans


Small Business Saturday is Big Business for the American Economy


Just a few years ago, Small Business Saturday was created as a way to redirect the energy of American holiday shoppers from big box stores and malls to main street shops. Simple. Powerful. Brilliant idea.

“Whether you’re a franchise or a sole proprietorship, small business is big business,” says Norris, Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a non-bank lender that supports small business through SBA 7(a) lending. “When we shop locally on Small Business Saturday, the dollar we spend stays in our community. That simple act, repeated millions of times across the country, can have profound impacts.”

Seems the annual event has created its own gravity. During last year’s Small Business Saturday, one Detroit business gave a discount to customers who brought in receipts from other small businesses. Another encouraged local businesses to work together to cross promote one another. And there are Neighborhood Circles to connect with local business owners and other neighborhood champions online to share ideas, get inspired, and prepare for the big day together.

American Express provides information and tools for small businesses on its website: