Five Unwritten Laws of Business

haden-150x150Jeff Haden is a terrific business writer. Whip-smart, cogent, interesting… Would probably make an excellent dinner partner.

While we’re putting that event together, we thought we’d share some his good stuff.

Here are “5 Unwritten Laws of Business” as quoted in

Here are excerpts, but you really should read the article!

1. The Law of Decreasing Personality: The bigger your balance sheet, the more likely you are to be a jerk.

2. The Policy Doctrine: The more employee policies you have, the less likely you are to treat employees fairly.

3. The Law of Diminishing Participation Returns: The more people who have input into a decision or design, the less valuable the outcome.

4. The Inverse Square Rule of Proximity: The less time you spend with your employees the more rapidly their engagement and performance falls off.

5. Eastwood’s Law of Silence: The people who say the most have the least to say.

~ Posted by Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a small business lender based in Southern California


To Thine Own Brand Be True

FAIL_Lululemon_Stock_Price_2013Great (GREAT) and timely article in Entrepreneur about Authenticity, covering NJ Governor Christie’s bridge troubles, and his inability to inspire confidence in his ability to a) tell the truth and b) lead.

People, companies, brands… are allowed to make mistakes. All do, and ever will.

Some mistakes are just to egregious to get over (Lululemon, hello?

Shut up! Lululemon’s Stock Price, 2013

What’s just not going to wash is blowing your hard-earned brand by making a mistake, and then choking on the apology.

Check out PR Lessons for a Bridge Scandal here.

~ Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS