BofA sets the bar high for green behavior, says Lozano


Reported by BusinessInsider, Bank of America is simply killing it in sustainable practices.

“Recently, BofA examined its procedures and supply chain, cutting down on paper consumption by 20%. And by managing energy better and consolidating office space, the bank also reduced energy usage by 25% and water usage by 20%.”

“For an organization the size of Bof A to identify and successfully cut 20-25% of any expense is a phenomenal accomplishment,” says sustainability expert Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS in Los Angeles, “AS business leaders, we should all strive to emulate their consciousness and focus on saving precious resources.”

Lozano knows a thing or two about sustainability, having run companies that financed the largest fleet of mobile solar power generators in the US, and some of the first LEED Platinum buildings, helping to create hundreds of jobs along the way.