Green Businesses are Making Money

Logo_CNBCDespite the naysayers’ doom and gloom reports about the slim future of “green business”, here are five hot companies that have found niches that deliver both financial and environmental returns, from CNBC.

~Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a triple bottom line non-bank lender.


Why SBA lenders should care about the approval of the Volcker rule

bigstock-woman-call-with-headset-12515864The Coleman Report posits a life-threatening problem for small lenders: the approval of the Volcker Rule within Dodd-Frank means that large banks are going to be seeking new lending avenues – and a bunch are probable going to set their sights on SBA lending.

“Consider that 78% of all American bank deposits are held by only the largest 20 banks. The decks are already stacked against smaller banking companies with less than $500 million in assets. With a major source of revenue set to dry up in about 18 months, these larger banks will begin to scour the financial landscape for new places to deploy capital and SBA lending provides one of those opportunities,” says the Coleman article.

“Smaller institutions are going to have to be niche-focused and keep moving more quickly than large banks,” says Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a non-bank lender making SBA 7(a) loans, “We will have to remain agile and ready to seize opportunities.”

What We Do: BusinessUS

Logo Icon2dThe “What We Do” statement for a small business lender can be bold, and should contain not only a nuts-and-bolts statement about What We Do Everyday, but a feeling of What We Stand For.

Here’s one: “BusinessUS brings new financial resources to the heart of the American economy: small business.” – Norris Lozano

See how those keywords pop?

Financial Resources. Heart of the American economy. Small Business.


8 Reasons to be Happy We’re a Non-Bank Lender

Here are 8 reasons BusinessUS is happy to be a non-bank lender:



BusinessUS sends Norris Lozano and “AZ” Zate to NAGGL


BusinessUS ( is a national non-bank lender bringing capital access to American small businesses that cannot get credit elsewhere. We combine decades of combined lending experience and relationships with the most advanced technology to deliver SBA 7(a) loans of up to $5 Million, quickly and efficiently.

This week, two of our top executives, Norris Lozano and Antonio “AZ” Zate, are on their way to the NAGGL Conference in Palm Desert. Lozano is CEO of BusinessUS, and Antonio “AZ” Zate is our Managing Director of SBA Lending.

NAGGL, of course, stands for National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders.

There are so many exciting things happening in SBA 7(a) lending (check out this article on loans under $150,000, and this article on the $30 Billion in SBA loan guarantees in 2013, and this article on Veteran entrepreneurs), and BusinessUS is already looking forward to a great 2014.

If you’re looking for big opportunities with SBA 7(a) lending, introduce yourselves to Norris and AZ at NAGGL.