BusinessUS and Franchise Lending

bigstock-ATHENS-GEORGIA--APRIL---Ex-44947213If you want to open a franchise, chances are you are having trouble getting a loan. The International Franchise Association (IFA) estimates a more than $2 billion “franchise lending gap” that includes 1,000 franchises not funded, and 94,000 jobs not created.

“Small businesses generally, and franchises in particular, are terrific job creators. A typical franchise generates 21 direct and indirect jobs and over $1 million in economic impact in its community,” says Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS. “We see franchises as a core vertical market to help us create American jobs and growth.”

Lack of capital availability affects franchisees who need to build or expand their businesses, as well as franchisors, whose growth is limited due to downstream constraints on lending capital.

Jamal Mashburn and Norris Lozano are leading BusinessUS outreach to leaders in the franchise industry, solving these challenges and providing new sources of capital with our specialized franchise programs.

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