A look back: Projects financed by prior “Team Lozano”

American flagsA few years back Norris Lozano was on the front lines of developing innovative financing structures to enable significant real estate projects to be completed. Meier & Frank became a Macy’s and the Nines Hotel. The Portland Armory became the Gerding Theater. A dirt lot became a school for homeless children, The Community Transitional School.

You can take a look at a few photos of these important projects here.


15 years down the trail, “The Dealmaker from Dallas” keeps on lending


It’s been more than 15 years since Norris Lozano pulled on cowboy boots with a business suit, but the spirit of the “Dealmaker from Dallas” lives on in Los Angeles.

That article, first published in Green Biz, helped explain how small business loans could be leveraged to create sustainable benefits for communities.

In the years following that story, Lozano led teams that brought hundreds of millions of dollars in green building and sustainable energy projects to fruition – several of which are already architectural icons.

But there’s a new chapter to the story. Now heading BusinessUS, a non-bank lending company he founded and leads as CEO, Lozano is designing a small business lending platform to bring new financial resources to the heart of the American economy: small business.

The through-line? Most of those innovative financing projects were fundamentally small business real estate loans. And many BusinessUS loans will be, too.

The Bottom Line: you can bet innovation is part of the plan.

What We Do: BusinessUS

Logo Icon2dThe “What We Do” statement for a small business lender can be bold, and should contain not only a nuts-and-bolts statement about What We Do Everyday, but a feeling of What We Stand For.

Here’s one: “BusinessUS brings new financial resources to the heart of the American economy: small business.” – Norris Lozano

See how those keywords pop?

Financial Resources. Heart of the American economy. Small Business.