5 Brilliant Strategies Jeff Bezos used to build Amazon

bezos2-2After reading a host of books and articles about Jeff Bezos, we’d say there’s no question he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Gates and Jobs.

Here are a few (of hundreds) of the strategies he’s used to grow Amazon into the retail store for the globe, in this recent¬†article from Business Insider

~Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS (and Bezos fan)


Harvard Business Review: Amazon Turned a Flaw into Gold with Advanced Problem-Solving

2013-12-19_2015_YouTube_imageMake sure you watch the video at the bottom Р fascinating story!


…Or watch the video on YouTube:¬†http://youtu.be/T6_V539QHf0

~ Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS