Pavlik ranked 5th on AVP, in today’s final round at St. Petersburg Open

Pavlik_at_St_Petersburg_Open_2014Check out Whitney Pavlik’s AVP page: – currently ranked 5th by the AVP!

Our photogenic superstar is featured by CBS:

The team of Pavlik and Jennifer Forma is seeded 3rd at the St. Petersburg Open on the AVP Tour.

Final round today!

Here’s the rankings:

Good luck today Whitney!!


(Posted by Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS)


Congrats to Whitney Pavlik and Jennifer Fopma for first round win in Puerto Vallarta!

p1160807430-3Congrats to  and  for winning their first round match in Puerto Vallarta!

Check out the scores here:

(PS nice pic Allen Szto!)

We’re Sponsoring Olympic Hopeful Whitney Pavlik

p1160807430-3BusinessUS is super proud to announce our sponsorship of Olympic-hopeful women’s volleyball player Whitney Pavlik (@WhitneyPavlik)

She’s a superstar athlete, (note the skywalker on the left of this awesome Allen Szto photo – and she’s not even the hitter on her team!).

Whitney’s strength and hard work really inspire us.

She’s in China for the first tournaments of the 2014 FIVB season, and sporting some fine BusinessUS gear – – Bring back some hardware, Whitney!


More on Mashburn Sackett’s launch…

WSJ-logo“FORMER HOOPS STAR GOES MAD”: Back in 1992, Jamal Mashburn played for the University of Kentucky in one of the greatest college baskeball games ever, an overtime loss to Duke (the Christian Laetner buzzer beater game).

“Now, 22 years later, as hundreds of other college hoops players look for their March Madness moment, Mashburn  is opening up an new ad agency in Chicago with the help of veteran ad executive Jonathan Sackett, WSJ reports. Mashburn, who played in the NBA for the Miami Heat and other teams, is following the lead of other jocks, including current Los Angeles Laker Steve Nash.

“Mashburn believes that having been involved in marketing from a young age gives him a unique perspective.:”People don’t realize that when you are a youth playing a sport you are already involved in marketing because you are marketing yourself,” he said.


NBA Player Shooting For Madison Ave

BN-CB076_mashst_E_20140323121727Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal about Jamal Mashburn and his Chicago-based marketing agency, Mashburn Sackett, a partnership with the inimitable Jonathan Sackett.

Check ’em out!

~Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS

Small Business Tip #34: Hire Athletes Who Played Team Sports

soccer-1940x900_33310Multiple Choice: what kind of job candidates are best-trained to perform best for your company? a) Ivy League? Maybe. b) Business School? Maybe. c) Military? Maybe. d) Soccer team? Bingo.

“Just seek out, recruit and hire college graduates who played team sports like soccer, lacrosse, or football, says DREW GREENBLAT President of Marlin Steel, in an article in Inc., magazine for entrepreneurs.

At BusinessUS and in previous ventures, we’ve found that team members who played on teams (or played in professional bands – for many of the same reasons) have learned important qualities that translate perfectly to a successful small business.

It’s not just athletes, by the way, but specifically team-sport athletes. “…those who played on teams will inject wonderful energy into your firm, driven by solid character traits that will power both their and your firm’s success,” Greenblat says.

Qualities that team-sport athletes bring a company include:

1) Cooperative Mindset – Playing on a team forces learning and communication.

2) Competitive Hustle – Aggressive pursuit for the ball is similar to the mental exertion required to land an account or hit a challenging sales target.

3) Clean Mind & Body – Hangovers don’t work on game day and practice sessions. Years of clean living establish a pattern that sets the team athlete apart from many conventional college grads.

4) Discipline – Waking up early day after day to make it to grueling practices and forgoing typical college distractions takes unique inner strength.

5) Perseverence – Lose a game and dust yourself off. It happens. You have to get up the next morning and fight to win again.

I really appreciate the strong and simple guidance here.

~Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a California-based small business lender

Jamal Mashburn is a role model for athletes in business

jamalmashburn_D_20130911152954Former NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburnis featured in a new Bleacher Report article about athletes and franchising. And it’s no wonder: Mashburn is one of the most successful former pro-athlete / franchisees, with about 80 stores nationwide.

IN the BR piece, Mashburn is quoted extensively about his experiences in franchising. The 6’9″ former All-Star ” first got into franchising in 1997 when he met Chris Sullivan, one of the founders of Outback Steakhouse. Ever since Mashburn was a teenager, intrigued by people holding briefcases on their way to work, he was always thinking about a business career beyond basketball.”

Being recognized for his business expertise is highly rewarding. “I want to continue my legacy as a businessman. It gives people a chance to see me as more than just a former pro athlete.”