Small business time-saver: automate your social media posting

Logo_IFTTTSmall business owners rejoice (happy feet under the desk will suffice) – there’s an easy way to save yourself from a major social media time-suck.

Scene: You’re a big believer in developing new marketing content, and then sharing it across your social media.

(Excellent, you’re right on-trend!)

The deal: You write the piece, and post it on your blog (and you only post with pictures, right? … Of course you do)

The problem: You have to then post on Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, and Google+…. Half an hour… times 2 times a day… 5 times a week…


Our good friends (BFFs, really) over at Talent Zoo turned us on to an app called IFTTT – – If This, Then That.

With IFTTT, you can automate all the re-posting, and save yourself a ton of time.

The solution: Read all about it here

~ Christopher Smith, BusinessUS