More on Mashburn Sackett’s launch…

WSJ-logo“FORMER HOOPS STAR GOES MAD”: Back in 1992, Jamal Mashburn played for the University of Kentucky in one of the greatest college baskeball games ever, an overtime loss to Duke (the Christian Laetner buzzer beater game).

“Now, 22 years later, as hundreds of other college hoops players look for their March Madness moment, Mashburn  is opening up an new ad agency in Chicago with the help of veteran ad executive Jonathan Sackett, WSJ reports. Mashburn, who played in the NBA for the Miami Heat and other teams, is following the lead of other jocks, including current Los Angeles Laker Steve Nash.

“Mashburn believes that having been involved in marketing from a young age gives him a unique perspective.:”People don’t realize that when you are a youth playing a sport you are already involved in marketing because you are marketing yourself,” he said.