Companies tend to die, Cities don’t

zapposheadquartersTony Hsieh has led Zappos to the business stratosphere, with unique approaches that resonate with its customers.

Inc. Magazine tells of 10 Steps to Zappos Success

US News & World Report lays out the unique reasons that Zappos “… went from a struggling start-up in 2000 to getting acquired by Amazon in a deal valued at $1.2 billion in 2009.”

Legend has it that:

  • 75% of its sales come from returning customers
  • …who also spend 2 1/2 times more time on the website than first-time visitors
  • the longest customer service call took almost six hours.
  • Another rep helped a caller locate a nearby pizza place that would deliver after midnight.

Some say that Zappos’ success is proof that Customer Service is the new Marketing.

Now we hear that Zappos is creating an “entrepreneurial utopia” in Las Vegas (Zappos’ offices are now housed in the old Vegas City Hall), and has changed the corporate structure to a “Holoacracy“, because “Look at companies that existed 50 years ago in the Fortune 500—most don’t exist today. Companies tend to die and cities don’t.”


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