For Immediate Release: Small Business and the Environment: Norris Lozano in San Francisco for ecoAmerica Board Meeting

Headshot_NLozano 2_BWNorris Lozano (CEO of BusinessUS) is traveling north to the board meeting of ecoAmerica, the national environmental messaging organization. Lozano has been an ecoAmerica board member for seven years, and serves along with such environmental activists as Ed Begley, Jr., Aimee Christensen, Theodore Roosevelt V, Lisa Renstrom, Bob Perkowitz, and Emeritus Director Daryl Hannah.

“The fascinating and important work ecoAmerica does to bring global climate change into Americans’ everyday dialogue is critical to creating a groundswell of action,” said Lozano. “I am very pleased and honored to be able to contribute to the leading edge of this conversation.”

ecoAmerica grows the base of popular support for climate solutions with research-driven marketing, partnerships and national programs that connect with Americans’ core values to bring about and support change in personal and civic choices and behaviors. Efforts include the Princeton Review Green Ratings system, MomentUS and Nature Rocks, The American Climate and Environmental Values Survey, work with the MacArthur Foundation, the National Christian Foundation, National Resources Defense Council, among other mission-oriented groups.

About Norris Lozano

Norris Lozano is a financing specialist and entrepreneur who has built and led companies toward triple bottom line results that generate positive financial, community and environmental change. He is CEO of BusinessUS ( a non-bank lender bringing capital access to American small business that cannot get credit elsewhere, with a focus on small businesses that are underserved by mainstream lending mechanisms.