BusinessUS: Fodor’s 15 Best Main Streets in America

bigstock-Main-street-in-american-town-25721456What makes a Main Street “great” in America these days?

Small business lender BusinessUS has an important interest in the question.

After reading Fodor’s sweet soliloquy to Main Streets of yesteryear, one might think it’s

“Friendly neighbors, family-run businesses, and quaint restaurants serving comforting diner fare-“…

Or you might go with: “…small towns [that] have held onto their historic roots and preserved their central thoroughfares…  unique cultural attractions and warm, welcoming communities…”

All good things! But if we peel back the nostalgia and think about Main Streets that might carry us into the 21st Century, here are a few thoughts:Main Street is the face of your community. Care for it.

  • Main Street is walkable. Big wide sidewalks, parking spaces for bikes.
  • Main Street is a mixed bag. Might be retail on the ground floor, and office or apartments upstairs.
  • Main Street is local. Local small businesses have a place on Main Street. Not just the big stores.
  • Main Street is not an outdoor mall. We all need big chain stores for some things, but…
  • Main Street is inviting to everyone. That means plenty of easy parking, mass transit and bike routes to get there, and open doors, lots of ’em.

~ Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, a national non-bank lender providing loans to American small businesses, including those on Main Street.