Small Business Insights: 5 Formulas you need to know

r-GOLDMAN-SACHS-large570Terrific  short article all small business people should read (and study): “Growing A Small Business? Here Are 5 Financial Equations You Need To Know

“Cash flow may be the lifeblood of a small business, but the ability to create accurate projections and forecasts for your business is what moves it forward. Knowing what’s coming in and what’s going out, and being able to use that knowledge to plan and act is the only way a small business owner can effectively pursue and manage growth opportunities.

“…By understanding the financial implications of a business growth plan, small business owners can estimate their funding needs, ensure operations are able to handle growth, monitor progress against critical variables, and make real-time adjustments. Here are five key metrics small business owners need to know when developing their forecasts.”

At BusinessUS, we spend a great deal of time getting to know your small business, to understand your numbers, and look ahead to how a small  business loan by BusinessUS will help you achieve your goals. We’ll keep seeking information like this, and hope you’ll send us any we’ve missed.

Don’t forget: the numbers matter.

~ Norris Lozano