Focus on Local: BusinessUS shout out to Trio Hardware

131203134203-trio-hardware-620xaJust discovered this terrific small business story – – the independent advocacy group Independent We Stand (sponsored by decidedly non-local Chrysler Group and STIHL Inc.) has awarded its Indie Award to Trio Hardware, a 50-year old hardware store in Plainview  (Long Island) New York.,

The Indie Awards are voted on by customers across the US who nominate and vote for their favorite small businesses. As reported in CNNMoney, the contest drew over 32,000 votes for more than 250 businesses.

BusinessUS congratulates Trio Hardware for 5 decades of serving its community in simple but powerful ways,” says Norris Lozano, The CEO of BusinessUS, “We are especially impressed that nearly 10% of the local community voted for its hardware store – that really tells you something about the importance of the relationships Trio has built over time. Bravo!”

BusinessUS, a national non-bank lender bringing capital access to American small businesses that cannot get credit elsewhere, supports small businesses like Trio Hardware, with SBA 7(a) loans.

Independent We Stand tallied votes, and made the final determination after reviewing personal anecdotes from voters. “Our goal is to recognize a small business that has gone above and beyond with its customers and its community,” said Bill Brunelle, executive director of Independent We Stand. “What stood out for us is how the community has rallied to keep Trio Hardware alive for so long.”

Read here to see how Trio Hardware’s community fought to keep Home Depot and Lowe’s out, allowing Trio to survive.