Coolest Small Businesses in LA

w640_bikeSome small businesses provide us with essential goods and services. They do this so well as a group that “small business” in America delivers more sales, and more jobs, than “big business”.

Another important benefit small business brings to the economic table is innovation. Smaller, nimble, focused business ideas are like laser beams to address the wants and needs of consumers.

And at the spear point of innovation, the ultimo sans pareil mucho swifto, are those businesses that are recognized as “cool.”

Of those, none could possibly be cooler than cool small businesses located in LA. And of those, well, there are only 22.

“Don’t laugh, the next Apple Computer or Red Bull might be in this group,” observes Norris Lozano, CEO of BusinessUS, “striking a target while striking a chord in popular press is rare, and should be applauded. And when the time comes for them to expand into other cool areas, we hope they’ll come to the coolest non-bank lender in LA.”

On this year’s Coolest in LA list are a beekeeper, a social commerce site that ties to celebrity advice, a shop for dandy men, a site for pet vacations, a glow-in-the-dark bicycle maker, a supermarket for Time Travel and a store that sells only hot sauces.

Doesn’t every city have small businesses like these?